Bright Smile, Healthier Teeth

At AEGLE™ our orthodontic services are about more than a brighter, more beautiful smile — it’s also about your dental health. 

Investing in orthodontic treatment is a big decision, but there are so many benefits to straightening your teeth. Other than a bright smile, orthodontic treatments help patients with other dental issues like:

  • Cleaning — Cleaning well-aligned teeth makes it easier to brush away food remnants and plaque and to clean difficult-to-reach corners where things get trapped.
  • Correct your bite — An unaligned bite can cause issues like tooth fractures or uneven wear. 
  • Jaw Alignment Issues — If your crooked smile results in misalignment of your jaw, you can experience pain and develop Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (known as TMJ or TMD).
  • Induces Confidence — Having a smile you’re proud of can boost confidence and allow you to finally give those around you the smile you’ve been hiding from them.

There are many reasons to invest in improving your smile. At AEGLE™, we specialize in services to help you achieve your best smile. 

Smile Improvement Options

Invisalign clear aligners are one of the most popular options for adults looking to transform their smile. Visiting with a provider can give you insight into whether aligners will work for you and the process is simple — visit a dentist, get your images taken, and order your aligners.

Everything else is done from the comfort of your home, alongside scheduled check-ins with your doctor. If you’re curious about how clear aligners can change your life, schedule a consultation today or join us at one of our open houses. 

Join an AEGLE™ Open House

Want to learn more about how Invisalign can work for you? Join us at the next AEGLE™ open house if you’re curious about clear aligners and how they work to strengthen your teeth. Enjoy refreshments before meeting with a doctor to determine your course of treatment. Take photos of your teeth, ask questions, and book your first appointment all in one afternoon.

The open house is free to everyone, and eligible patients may receive discounts on their Invisalign treatments just for showing up!

Check our website for a list of upcoming open houses at our Midtown Manhattan office.